Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spookily Stylish Halloween Decorations

These Halloween decorating ideas combine eclectic & dramatic displays for unique Halloween decor.

Petrifying Perched Birds

Summon images from Alfred Hitchcock's movie The Birds with this eerie wall display. This tree is painted on the wall, but you could get a similar (and nonpermanent) look by sketching a tree onto rolled paper, cutting it out, and taping it to the wall. Prop two ladders against the image and wire a swarm of artificial ravens to the rungs and some branches. Guests will be ducking for cover.

Spiderweb Chandelier
    Drape a chandelier in shredded strips of cheesecloth to create wraith-like forms above a dining table, making sure the strips avoid contact with bulbs to prevent the risk of fire. Giant spiders on the walls will make dinner guests scared in their seats.

Chilling Chair
    Halloween is the perfect time to display torn and weathered furniture. This worn chair gets a spooky makeover with an iron-on bird transfer. Make your own chair design by printing a scary image on transfer paper and ironing it to the cushion.
      Frightful Front Door
        Set a dark mood by disguising the view inside the front door. Cut black paper to fit the door glass and any side windows, then trace and cut out Halloween shapes. Tape the black paper to the windows and cover the cutouts with yellow tissue paper. Your spooky designs will glow when you turn on the interior lights. Line the path to the door with glowing pumpkins.
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