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July Crafts

July Crafts

With summer comes an abundance of yard sales
and worn out school clothes.
It's a good time for up-cycling old denim or corduroy jeans.
These projects lend themselves to individual creativity
 These lovely denim projects are just some of the many variations
possible with different trimmings, embroidery or embellishments.


Blue Jean Journal / Denim Photo Album / Scrapbook

  • Denim Jeans
  • Belt
  • Tacky glue
  • Clothes Pegs or Clamps
  • Photo Album or Journal
  • Glue on Embelishments - Fabric Tags, Rhinestones, etc.



 Choose the album or journal that you'd like to use first and then choose a pair of blue jeans that will fit. To determine if your jeans will fit, wrap the waist around the top of the album (back of jeans only) and be sure that the waist extends from each end with a few inches extra (refer to photo at right) This project is not a complicated one but requires a little patience.
If you can, remove the insert of the album, if not you can work around it. Because denim is so heavy and the seams are very bulky, you can first cover the album with demin used from the leg of the pants. To do this, place your album open with the outside face down on a denim leg. Cut a piece of denim that will cover the entire outside of the book and extend slightly into the inside cover. Keep the leg seam at the centre of your book as the seam is too bulky to be place elsewhere. 
 With tacky glue (don't use hot glue, it doesn't hold up well and leaves streaks under the fabric), adhere your cut piece of demin to outside cover and glue excess over all the edges. To hold the denim in place until it dries, secure with clothes pegs or clamps around the album. Allow the glue to dry completely.
Position your book (open, with right side of book to wrong side of denim) around the back waist of the jeans, with a pen or marker, draw a line around the book leaving 1/2 inch excess to be folded to the underside at the top and the bottom of the book and 1 inch excess at the sides to be folded to the inside covers.

Cut your piece and glue to the front and back outside covers, Folding the bottom excess denim under itself and the excess denim at the sides to the inside of the cover. Secure denim with clothes pegs and allow to dry.

If you removed your insert, glue it back in place now. If you were not able to remove the insert, cut two pieces of fabric or paper to fit the inside cover of the front and back and glue in place to cover any turned seams. To finish the edging around the inside cover you can add a trim of rusty red ribbon or whatever color or style fits your preference.
Feed your belt through the belt loops and cut any excess belt off. I used a child's belt so didn't have to add any holes for the belt to connect. If you need to add holes, use either a leather punch or cut very carefully with a craft knife.

To finish up this album, You can add any extra embellishments now with tacky glue. Once the glue on your book is completely dry it will be a little stiff. That's just the glue and a few little wiggles while the book is open will help to stretch the glue a little and make your book more pliable.
 You can use the pocket for pens or extra scrapbook stickers or paper emblishments if you are covering a scrapbook.


Smarthome, Inc.

Denim Pocket Magnets

  • denim jean pockets cut from old jeans, jackets, shirts
  • fabric paint
  • lace trim
  • ribbon flowers
  • hot glue or craft glue

 Beginning and ending at the back, glue lace trim around the top of the pocket.
 glue a small ribbon rose to each top corner.

  Write "Coupons" or "Notes" or whatever you wish on the front in fabric paint, following the manufacturer's directions.

 Glue a magnet to the back of each denim pocket and stick the fridge.


Denim Pocket Purses

A Trash to Treasure craft project! Recycle your old jeans into miniature denim pocket purses. Best selling bazaar craft!

  • Old pair of jeans, childrens or adult
  • Pretty lace
  • small silk flowers
  • Ribbon
  • String of beads
  • Hot glue gun


Cut out the pocket from the jeans, front and back so when its cut out it has an opening at the top.
Glue lace all around top of pocket make sure you don't glue opening shut.

Glue ribbon all around front and back side.

Put the silk flowers on top of corners.

Glue the stringed beads onto the inside of pocket.


Denim Organizer

 This fun organizer uses the legs of cut-off jeans and is a great project for summer teen sewing classes. The finished hem of the jeans creates the top of the pockets so that there is no need to bind the edge.
This project can be embellished in many ways. You can use machine embroidery and decorative stitches. Other options include hand embroidery, rick rack or other trims or appliqué. It could also be personalized and the pockets labeled.

  • Jeans Legs: 3 pair of “legs”
  • Denim fabric: 1 yard
  • Cord for hanging: 1 yard
  • Dowel: 24"
  • Coats Dual Duty Plus Extra Strong Jeans Thread (N574) or 
  • Coats Dual Duty Plus All-purpose Thread (Art 200): color 5 Copenhagen or to match denim.
  • Coats Rayon Thread–30 wt. (Art D93): color 182 Spark Gold and Coats Rayon Thread–40 wt. (Art. D63): color 51 Chona Brown were used in this project.
  • Stabilizer for embroidery

Organizer fabric: Cut 2 pieces of fabric 22" x 25".
Pockets: Cut the pants leg sections apart at the outer seam, trimming away the seam. 1st Row: Trim 3 leg pieces 5" high by 10" wide. 2nd row: Trim 3 leg pieces
9 1/2" high by 10" wide.
Decorate pockets as desired with decorative stitching, appliqué, machine or hand embroidery, or trims.
To form each pocket row, sew the three same size leg sections together.
Mark the pockets as shown for folding pleats (1). Fold solid line to dotted line. At seams, fold solid lines to seam line, do not overlap. Baste pleats in place at lower edge.
Attaching top row: Mark a line on organizer fabric 11 1/2" from top edge. Place pocket row on fabric, right sides together, with the lower raw edge of pockets against the line (2). Stitch, 1/2 inch from edge. Press seam allowance toward pocket. Bring pocket section right side up, press. Baste side seams. Stitch in the ditch using Jeans thread or all-purpose at seams in pocket row to form individual pockets (2).
Bottom row: Fold pleats and baste. Place pocket section on organizer fabric, right side facing you, aligning raw edges. Baste sides and bottom edge of pocket. Stitch in the ditch at seams in pocket row seams to form individual pockets.

 Place backing fabric over organizer, right sides together. Stitch together, using a 1/2" seam allowance. Leave a 1" opening in the side seams at the top corners for inserting a dowel or curtain rod and a 6" opening in the lower edge for turning.

Trim corners diagonally. Grade lower edge to reduce bulk. Press the seams open before turning. Pay particular attention to places that are thick due to jeans seams. Turn to right side. Press. Hand sew opening in lower edge closed.

Insert dowel, attach a cord for hanging. For better stability use a curtain rod and brackets for hanging. ... Label the things you love !!

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